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Swift Playgrounds is a revolutionary app for iPad that makes it fun to learn and experiment with code. You solve interactive puzzles in the guided "Learn to Code" lessons to master the basics of coding, while additional challenges let you explore code and create programs that are engaging and unique.
Swift Playgrounds是一款适用于iPad的革命性应用程序,可让学习和试验代码变得有趣。您可以在指导"学习编码"课程中解决交互式难题,掌握编码基础知识,同时通过其他挑战,您可以探索代码并创建具有吸引力且独特的程序。

Swift Playgrounds requires no coding knowledge, so it's perfect for students just starting out, from twelve to one-hundred-and-twelve. The whole time you are learning Swift, a powerful programming language created by Apple and used by professionals to build many of today's most popular apps. And because it's built to take full advantage of iPad and the real iOS SDK, Swift Playgrounds is a first-of-its-kind learning experience.
Swift Playgrounds不需要编码知识,所以它非常适合初学者,从十二岁到一百一十二岁。你一直在学习Swift,一种由Apple创建的强大的编程语言,专业人士使用它来构建当今许多最受欢迎的应用程序。由于它是为了充分利用iPad和真正的iOS SDK而构建的,因此Swift Playgrounds是一种独一无二的学习体验。

Lessons built-in
Lessons built-in

• Apple-created lessons guide you through the core concepts of programming by using code to solve puzzles
• See your code run in a beautiful, interactive 3D world that you can rotate with a finger and pinch to zoom
• Animations introduce each new coding concept at a high level before you dive into the puzzles
• Choose from three animated characters to carry out the steps of your code
• Glossary covers a comprehensive list of common terms, or tap a word in the instructions for additional help

Explore and create
Explore and create

• Challenges encourage experimentation and creativity by playing with game logic, music, and various other themes
• New challenges are released regularly to keep improving your emerging coding skills
• Interactive coding shows the results of your code instantly, either beside the text or acted out in the live view
• Step through your code to highlight each line as it is run
• Use your own photos, images, sounds, and files within a program to make it uniquely yours
• Templates are a head start to create your own programs that use graphs, graphics, touch, or a chat with the computer
• Create your own playgrounds from scratch to take your coding skills to entirely new places
• Reset any page to start over, or duplicate and rename any document to give a family member their own copy

Built for touch
Built for touch

• Quick Type suggestions for code are so smart you can write entire programs in just a few taps, no keyboard required
• Tap and hold to grab any command and move it around to change the order of your code
• Drag a brace with your finger to wrap a block of code inside a loop or conditional statement
• Drag and drop snippets of commonly-used code directly into your playground
• Tap a number or color in your code to display a pop-up in which to enter a new value or choose from a color picker
• Amazing new coding keyboard has all the common Swift characters, just swipe to pick the alternate symbol on any key

Real Swift and iOS code

• Learn the same powerful Swift programming language used by the pros to create thousands of apps in the App Store
•学习专业人员使用的同样强大的Swift编程语言,在App Store中创建数千个应用程序
• Access iOS frameworks such as SpriteKit for 2D games, SceneKit for 3D graphics, UIKit, and more
• Your code has direct control of iPad hardware such as the gyroscope, accelerometer, camera, and touch events
• Use Bluetooth APIs to write programs that control robots and other real-world devices with your iPad
• Every concept and skill you learn directly applies when writing real apps


• Send your creations to friends and family using Messages, Mail, AirDrop, or other Share Sheet extensions
• Record a video of yourself coding or running your creation, complete with your own voice narration
• Broadcast a coding session live to the world using any streaming service app that supports ReplayKit
• Homework hand-in with iTunes U makes it easy to bring coding into the classroom
•使用iTunes U进行家庭作业,可以轻松地将编码带入教室
• Turn on iCloud Drive to enable Xcode on your Mac to edit and extend the same documents that are on your iPad
•打开iCloud Drive以在Mac上启用Xcode,以编辑和扩展iPad上的相同文档

Swift Playgrounds requires a 64-bit iPad with iOS 11 or later, including iPad mini 2 or later, iPad Air or later, or iPad Pro
Swift Playgrounds需要配备iOS 11或更高版本的64位iPad,包括iPad mini 2或更高版本,iPad Air或更高版本或iPad Pro

• Third-party content is easy to discover and download for free directly within the app

• Touch gestures for selecting code are more precise and easier to use
• What's Next is smarter about suggesting new playgrounds for you to try
• On-screen keyboard shows and hides more predictably
• Additional bug fixes and performance improvements

Ratings and Reviews

Wonderfully Motivating! {#ember794704}

As a previous reviewer mentioned, this app takes the dullness out of learning how to program. Even as an adult, I am able to enjoy this learning process. I was an amateur programmer in high school, so I believe that for me to say this is a wonderful way to learn and/or brush up your basics for programming logic is quite a statement for what the developers have created.

The team who created this executed the interface in a very intuitive design; something I find quite uncommon with these "learn to program" apps. I would love to help spread the word about this app so it is not abandoned. Kudos to the Apple team!!! Please keep up the awesome work! Even adults need a more stimulating environment for expanding their skill set.

There are a lot of people mentioning device incompatibility and software bugs. I am running this on an iPad Mini 2. The bugs I have encountered are minor and do not interrupt my progress in a truly time consuming way. Typically, the little map won't load, so I will go back to the previous lesson then return and all will load normally.
有很多人提到设备不兼容和软件错误。我在iPad Mini 2上运行它。我遇到的错误很小,不会以真正耗时的方式中断我的进度。通常情况下,小地图不会加载,所以我将返回上一课然后返回,所有都将正常加载。

Love it! {#ember794715}

What a beautiful and engaging app - exactly what I've been looking for - and it's free?! These mini-puzzles are an excellent and entertaining way to learn for anyone new to coding. It really adds color to what would otherwise be a pretty bland learning experience. I also personally find it addictive. I've been working on it for several hours straight and can't wait to finish the rest. I really hope that Apple continues to offer this sort of education style.
多么美丽迷人的应用程序 - 正是我一直在寻找的 - 而且它是免费的?!这些迷你拼图是一种非常好的娱乐方式,适合任何新编码的人学习。它确实增加了颜色,否则将是一个非常乏味的学习体验。我个人也觉得它上瘾。我已经连续工作了几个小时,迫不及待地想完成剩下的工作。我真的希望Apple继续提供这种教育方式。

This really helps with getting over the hump. Thank you!!

One of the very best apps of ANY KIND {#ember794726}

Swift Playgrounds is one of the very best apps of all times in ANY category. It's great for kids, too. They think it's a game, but they're learning important programming concepts, not just the Swift language syntax. I especially love that I can do the exercises offline, on a plane. Also, the Swift language interpreter is REAL, which means I can use more advanced concepts even before they're introduced in the lessons.
Swift Playgrounds是任何类别中有史以来最好的应用程序之一。这对孩子们来说也很棒。他们认为这是一个游戏,但他们正在学习重要的编程概念,而不仅仅是Swift语言语法。我特别喜欢能在飞机上离线练习。此外,Swift语言解释器是REAL,这意味着即使在课程中引入之前我也可以使用更高级的概念。


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Family Sharing {#ember794748}

With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. {#ember794749}