The boom in popularity for podcasting has given a new voice to the world of spoken word content that had been largely left for dead with the decline of broadcast radio. Now riding the wave of that growth, a startup called
播客流行的热潮为世界提供了一个新的口语单词内容,随着广播电台的衰落,这些内容基本上已经死亡。现在正处于这种增长的浪潮中,一家创业公司称之为Descript that's building tools to make the art of creating podcasts --- or any other content that involves working with audio --- a little easier with audio transcription and editing tools, has a trio of news announcements: funding, an acquisition and the launch of a new tool that brings some of the magic of natural language processing and AI to the medium by letting people create audio of their own voices based on text that they type.
这是制作播客的艺术工具 - 或者涉及音频处理的任何其他内容 - 使用音频转录和编辑工具更容易一些,有三个新闻公告:资金,收购和推出一种新的工具,通过让人们根据他们输入的文本创建自己的声音来创造自然语言处理和人工智能的魔力。

Descript, the latest startup from Groupon founder Andrew Mason, created as a spin-off of his audio-guide business Detour (which got
这是Groupon创始人安德鲁·梅森(Andrew Mason)的最新创业公司,是他的音频指南业务Detour的衍生公司acquired by Bose last year), is today announcing $15 million in funding, a Series A for expanding the business (including hiring more people) that's coming from Andreessen Horowitz (it also funded the
),今天宣布了1500万美元的资金,A系列用于扩大业务(包括雇用更多人)来自Andreessen Horowitz(它还资助了startup's seed round in 2017) and Redpoint.

Along with that, the company has acquired a small Canadian startup,
除此之外,该公司还收购了一家加拿大小型创业公司,Lyrebird --- which had, like
---曾经,喜欢Descript, also built audio editing tools. Together, the two are rolling out a new feature for Descript called Overdub: people will now be able to create "templates" of their voices that they can in turn use to create audio based on words that they type, part of a bigger production suite that also will let users edit multiple voices on multiple tracks. The audio can be standalone, or the audio track for a video.

(The video transcription works a little differently: When you add words, or take them out, the video makes jumps to account for the changes in timing.)

Overdub is the latest addition to a product that lets users create instant transcriptions of audio text that can then be cut and potentially augmented with music from other audio using drag-and-drop tools that take away the need for podcasters to learn sound engineering and editing software. The non-technical emphasis of the product has given Descript a following among podcasters and others that use transcription software as part of their audio production suites. The product is priced in a freemium format: no charge for up to four hours of voice content, and $10 per month after that.

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In the age of market-defining, election-winning fake news aided and abetted by technology, you'd be forgiven for wondering if Overdub might not be a highway to Deep Fake City, where you could use the technology to create any manner of "statements" by famous voices.
在市场定义,赢得选举的假新闻的时代,由技术辅助和怂恿,你会想知道Overdub是否可能不是通往Deep Fake City的高速公路,在那里你可以使用这项技术创造任何"声明"由着名的声音。

Mason tells me the company has built a way to keep that from being able to happen.

The demo on the company's home page is created with a special proprietary voice just for illustrative purposes, but to actually activate the editing and augmenting feature for a piece of their own audio, users have to first record a number of statements that are repeated back, based on text created on the fly and in real time. These audio clips are then used to shape your digital voice profile.

This means that you can't, for example, feed audio of Donald Trump into the system to create a version of the president saying that he is awfully sorry for suggesting that building walls between the U.S. and Mexico was a good idea, and that this would not, in fact, make America Great Again. (Too bad.)
这意味着你不能,例如,将唐纳德特朗普的音频输入系统,以创建一个总统版本,说他非常抱歉建议美国和墨西哥之间的建筑墙是个好主意,而这个事实上,它不会让美国再次伟大。 (太糟糕了。)

But if you subscribe to the idea that tech advances in NLP and AI overall are something of a Pandora's box, the cat's already out of the bag, and even if Descript doesn't allow for it, someone else will likely hack this kind of technology for more nefarious ends. The answer, Mason says, is to keep talking about this and making sure people understand the potentials and pitfalls.

"People already have created the ability to make deep fakes," Mason said. "We should expect that not everybody is going to follow the same constraints that we have followed. But part of our role is to create awareness of the possibilities. Your voice is your identity, and you need to own that voice. It's an issue of privacy, basically."
"人们已经创造了制造深度假货的能力,"梅森说。 "我们应该期望不是每个人都会遵循我们所遵循的相同限制。但我们的一部分作用是创造对可能性的认识。你的声音是你的身份,你需要拥有那个声音。这是一个问题。隐私,基本上。"

The developments underscore the new opportunity that has opened up in tapping some of the developments in artificial intelligence to address what is a growing market. On one hand, it's a big market: Based just on ad revenues alone, podcasting is expected to bring in some $679 million this year, and $1 billion by 2021, according to the IAB --- one reason why companies like Spotify and Apple are betting big on it as a complement to their music streaming businesses.

On the other, the area of production tools for podcasters is a very crowded market, with a number of startups and others putting out a lot of tools that all work quite well in identifying what people are saying and transcribing it accurately.

On the front of transcription and the area where Descript is working, rivals include the likes of Trint, Wreally and Otter, among many others. Decript itself doesn't even create its basic NLP software; it uses Google's, as basic NLP is now an area that has essentially become "commoditized," said Mason in an interview.
在转录的前面和Descript工作的区域,竞争对手包括Trint,Wreally和Otter等等。 Decript本身甚至没有创建其基本的NLP软件;梅森在接受采访时说,它使用谷歌,因为基本的NLP现在已经基本上变得"商品化"了。

That makes creating new features, tapping into AI and other advances, all the more essential, as we look to see if one tool emerges as a clear leader in this particular area of SaaS.

"In live multiuser collaboration, there is still no other tool out there that has done what we have done with large uncompressed audio files. That is no small feat, and it has taken time to get it right," said Mason. "I have seen this transition manifest from documents to spreadsheets to product design. No one would have thought of something like product design to be huge space but just by taking these tools for collaboration and successfully porting them to the cloud, companies like Figma have emerged. And that's how we got involved here."
"在实时多用户协作中,仍然没有其他工具可以完成我们对大型未压缩音频文件所做的工作。这不是一件小事,而且需要时间才能做到正确,"梅森说。 "我已经看到了从文档到电子表格到产品设计的这种转变。没有人会想到像产品设计这样的东西是巨大的空间,只是通过采用这些工具进行协作并成功将它们移植到云端,像Figma这样的公司已经出现这就是我们参与其中的方式。"